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[Idol Star Athletics Championship] YUJU W/ BALL & ALLURING GESTURE 20170130 02:53

[Idol Star Athletics Championship] YUJU W/ BALL & ALLURING GESTURE 20170130 ▶Playlist for MORE episodes → ▶ Like the MBC Fan Page & WATCH new episodes →

Marco HUCK vs Dmytro KUCHER 14:32

Watch the full boxing fight between MARCO HUCK VS DMYTRO KUCHER Latest boxing fight huck vs kucher 2016.11.19 on HBO Boxing Schedule Youtube Boxing videos channel. --------------SUBSCRIBE----------- Please Subscribe our Youtube channel to watch more BOXING & MMA (ufc) fight news and fight videos online on Youtube. Thanks for watching. Don't forget to LIKE & SHARE this video on all social media sites listed below. ------------Visit------------------- You can also visit Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

Rafael Nadal Stops Tennis Match as Distraught Mother Looks for her Little Girl Lost in the Crowd 01:17

What a champ! Rafael Nadal stops exhibition tennis match against John McEnroe as distraught mother looks for her little girl lost in the crowd The toddler, Clara, got separated from her mother at a stadium in Majorca The mother caused such a commotion that the player stopped the game With the help of the crowd, tearful mother and daughter were reunited ennis superstar Rafael Nadal stopped a match when a distraught mother interrupted the game because she had lost her young daughter in the crowd. Nadal was about to serve during a doubles exhibition match with his Spanish teammate Simon Solbas. They were playing two former world number ones - the Spaniard Carlos Moya, 40 and American legend John McEnroe, 57 in Manacor, Mallorca. But Nadal - himself a world number one - stopped the game in front of the 7,000 strong crowd when he heard the commotion, and realised a child had gone missing. TV footage showed the upset mother of the child standing next to a steward and shouting 'Clara'. Nadal, 30, and his teammates stopped playing, and when the crowd realised there was a problem, they started looking for the child. The tearful girl was soon spotted a short distance away and bystanders alerted the emotional mother, who ran to pick her up and hug her tightly. The spectators applauded the emotional moment and appeared to rejoice at the happy ending before the stars promptly resumed the match. The match, which was initially supposed to feature Swedish former World Number 1 Mats Wilander, 52, who had to withdraw due to an injury, ended in a victory for Nadal and Solbas. However, some who watched the video criticized the mother. One user identified as ‘Tommy’ said: "Why [was] this mum so careless in the first place, not to keep an eye on her daughter, especially in crowded places. "Luckily, she was found and [I] hope this will be a learning lesson for her."

Jelly Tennis - The Slow Mo Guys 05:16

Gav and Dan find an impressive new way to serve jelly to hundreds of people at once with a well placed Tennis serve. Also yes, in England this is Jelly.


Dangerously funny videos created and produced by Rémi GAILLARD.

Funniest Fight ever 05:49

a fight of a fat guy vs a thin guy

Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball

Pickup ballers. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.